How to get active

Since April 2016 we are daily picking up food from cooperating stores in Taipei.

People who are interested in picking up food are required to sign a legal agreement with us accepting our terms and conditions.

Afterwards we will send you a Foodsharing ID, which makes you an official Foodsharing volunteer, a so called Foodsaver. With the ID you will be able to log in into our software and identify yourself as a Foodsaver at our partner stores.

If there are cooperating stores in your neighbourhood you can just start pick up food there or help us to set up new cooperations.

Since the beginning in April 2016 we were able to daily pick up surplus food, that otherwise would have been wasted, at a cooperating bakery. Based on the statistics on our daily pick-ups in Taipei we have saved hundreds of kilograms of surplus food already.

We are currently looking for new cooperations and are preparing our new software to help us organise our pick ups and manage our cooperations.

If you are interested to join us as a Foodsaver or cooperting food retailer, check out our Foodsharing Flyer and don’t hesitate to contact us!