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About us

Foodsharing Taiwan is a grassroots initiative to systematically fight occurring food waste by organizing cooperations with stores on a large scale in an easily manageable way.

Our initiative is building upon the already existing initiative Foodsharing Germany. It has so far been successful with saving tons and tons of food waste and making it possible for everybody to contribute to fight food waste!

Initial situation

Foodsharing is only possible and necessary because we face a massive amount of food waste. About one third of the globally produced food is thrown away. Apples with bruises, cucumbers which are too bent, zucchini which are too small and surplus bakery products tend to end up in the dumpsters of the retailers very quickly, even though most of them would still be perfectly fine to eat. According to the 台灣全民食物銀行協會 Taiwan People’s Food Bank Association in Taiwan approximately 2.75 million tons of food are wasted every year, which is about 120 kg per person. Every day businesses and households produce around 3000 tons of food waste, of which more than 1000 tons are simply thrown away.


Anybody can be involved! We are an open group of humans joining forces to make this idea reality in Taiwan. At the moment we focus our work on Taipei, but we hope to expand to other parts of Taiwan soon.

How does it work?

Our main focus lays on building and maintaining cooperations with stores, so that they can reduce their garbage and save food together with us. Therefore volunteers (so called Foodsaver) pick up and redistribute any food that would otherwise be dumped. We are especially interested in products which have passed the best before date, which have damaged packaging or which are in any other state where it cannot be sold anymore but is otherwise still fine. In order to prevent any risk for you as a cooperating food retailer, every Foodsaver has to sign a Legal Arrangement, which includes a disclaimer of warranty in accordance with the Taiwanese law. Thus the Foodsaver agrees to take full responsibility distributing and consuming the food, so that you absolutely don’t need to fear any risk of liability concerning food quality issues. As we are a flexible, locally organized community, we are able and interested to even pick up smallest amounts of food in order to prevent them from being wasted. Afterwards the Foodsavers are free to decide by themselves what to do with the food they picked up, they can eat it themselves or share it with their family, friends or people in need. Even though our focus is not charity, but saving food from being wasted, we think Foodsharing is the perfect complement to charitable organizations such as Food Banks. We absolutely give priority to these organisations, want to support and cooperate with them. For us it’s all about saving food, while no money is involved!

Why should you join us?

You can make a contribution cutting food waste by becoming a Foodsaver helping us to set up cooperations and picking up food! Or you are a food retailer and allow us to pick up your surplus food! With us you save money and manpower as we dispose the goods for you! You have a reliable pickup, as you can contact us whenever there is food that needs to be picked up. We are built locally, well-connected and flexible. With us you gain reputation with your customers: Provide your customers the opportunity to choose you as a retailer that values food and doesn’t waste it! As our partner you might find yourself on our website, in newspaper articles, television and radio interviews, which means free advertising and image-branding for you. With us you are legally on the safe side: Food donations doesn’t mean any legal risks for you as all our Foodsaver have agreed to a disclaimer. As Foodsaver we take the full responsibility for the further use of the provided goods. We are committed to be a reliable partner, comply with the hygiene guidelines for storage and transportation of goods. We would like to invite you to join the Foodsharing movement in Taiwan and we are happy about anything you have to offer! So if you like our idea and are interested in supporting our project or have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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