Foodsharing Events

We hold various events a different venues, including activities such as distribution of our saved surplus food, talks, presentations, movie screening, volunteer recruitments, cooking acitivties with suplus incredients and so on.

A short report by TAIPEI TIMES on one of our events can be found here

Special Thanks
Partners 棉花田生機園地 歐嬤烏蘇拉德式烘焙Oma ursel’s German Bakery 鄰家豆花 @詹先生彰化網室蕃茄, Pick Food Up 扌合 生態廚房, 格外有意思, 廢青不廢 共同合辦

Venues @ Open Living Lab 樂活共生實驗基地(前永和國軍帳務中心), Greenpeace Taiwan 綠色和平 and 都市空間分享前線(Taipei Space Share)

#五個小時的活動中廢編身旁的某個夥伴竟然完成無間斷進食! #我一直以為人類只有一個胃欸(?) #廢編不廢。

#eventtime feel free to contact us if you have event ideas and want to work with us! 🍉

Foodsharing Taiwan rocks!

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