FS Taiwan

Welcome to Foodsharing Taiwan! 🍑

Foodsharing Taiwan is a grassroots initiative to systematically fight occurring food waste by organizing cooperations with stores on a large scale in an easily manageable way. Everybody is welcome to join us to contribute to fight food waste! Until now we regularly pick up food at three stores in Taipei, set up several public fridges and our volunteers try to be there whenever food needs to be rescued from the dumpster.

🍉 You want to become a volunteer (so called Foodsaver) and save food with us?

🍉 You are a food retailer, such as a store or restaurant, and don’t know what to do with your leftover food (even opened and expired food)?

🍉 You have a group of people or a venue and want to be part of raising awarness about food wastage in Taiwan?

🍉 You have any other ideas how to work together or advance the Foodsharing concept?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always glad to hear from you!

Send us an email to foodsharingtaiwan@gmail.com or check out our fb page 享食台灣 Foodsharing Taiwan

Foodsharing Events

We hold various events a different venues, including activities such as distribution of our saved surplus food, talks, presentations, movie screening, volunteer recruitments, cooking acitivties with suplus incredients and so on.

A short report by TAIPEI TIMES on one of our events can be found here

Special Thanks
Partners 棉花田生機園地 歐嬤烏蘇拉德式烘焙Oma ursel’s German Bakery 鄰家豆花 @詹先生彰化網室蕃茄, Pick Food Up 扌合 生態廚房, 格外有意思, 廢青不廢 共同合辦

Venues @ Open Living Lab 樂活共生實驗基地(前永和國軍帳務中心), Greenpeace Taiwan 綠色和平 and 都市空間分享前線(Taipei Space Share)

#五個小時的活動中廢編身旁的某個夥伴竟然完成無間斷進食! #我一直以為人類只有一個胃欸(?) #廢編不廢。

#eventtime feel free to contact us if you have event ideas and want to work with us! 🍉

Foodsharing Taiwan rocks!

g0v 2017 Nov Hackerthon

Join g0v’s hackathon to hack a better society with all enthusiastic hackers! Foodsharing Taiwan will attend the next g0v hackathon and present their work progress. The hackathon takes place 2017/11/25(Sat) 09:00 ~ 18:00 at 中央研究院資訊科學所. If you plan to attend please register here.

Event Holding Meetings

On 17/11/01 Foodsharing Taiwan got together with other community groups to discuss holding different events at Open Living Lab Open Living Lab(永和區水源街41號) It was a great pleasure to meet and discuss with the groups of Pick Food Up扌合生態廚 and 格外有意 ! Great new partnerships were formed and we hope to host our first events together soon!

g0v grant

We are happy to announce, that our idea of developing a foodsaving web application and a local website to implement it in Taiwan is generously supported by g0v.tw.

During the upcoming six month we will use the grant money to work on the app as well as the website and cover some of our costs here in Taiwan. A test version of our software KARROT can be found here.